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aims and objectives

Global Sociological Review (GSR)

"Humanity, Diversity and Welfare"

Global Sociological Review (GSR) is a research initiative of Humanity Only (HO) with the backing of Humanity Research Council (HRC) - an organ of Humanity Development Society (HDS). GSR focuses promotion of the best practices and standards in research through publication and sponsorship of original pieces of research, reviews, articles, survey reports and commentaries pertaining to the issues and debates related to sociology, social policy and social problems of national, regional and global scope. GSR is quarterly, triple-blind peer-reviewed research journal of social sciences adopting a multidisciplinary approach. It publishes the major disciplines/ fields within sociology

i.e. Basic & Applied Sociology, Anthropology, Social Change & Development, Social Psychology, Deviance and Crime, Demography & Population Studies, Social Wok and Gender Studies. Sociological scope is envisioned in this journal as widely spanning across allied disciplines, therefore, the editors take interest in interdisciplinary studies with sociological concerns. Details are available at www.gsrjournal.com.


Mission & Vision

GSR strives for a society where objective knowledge is based on the broader social wellbeing and this approach is given the central value in decision making and policy formulation for the journal. The journal views sociological knowledge as the means for broader understanding of social processes, human issues and problems concerning broader interests of society. Sociology, therefore, often plays a critical role in the development of human condition as it presents a unique yet diverse view of society by going for all issues, including the taboo. Therefore, it often challenges the orthodox thinking, traditions and institutions. GSR encourages the initiation of a critical debate on the social issues so they may be understood better and lead to improvement in the lives of human beings. The journal offers a platform to the researchers who share this mission and vision by publishing their objective research and scholarship paving a way forward for the fellow researchers and overall humanity.


Objectives & Focus

GSR promotes:

       Advancement of research in all fields of sociology and relevant Social Sciences

       Production of new knowledge and testing of existing facts

       Use of new tools and methods to broaden the social understanding

       Development of the practices of fellow researchers by mutual knowledge sharing platforms

       Ability of researches with diverse approach as well as local, regional and global vision



GSR not only covers the specific sociological researches but it also welcomes multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary studies, especially those related to the issues and problems of society. Therefore, it welcomes articles of sociology, social sciences and humanities with a sociological approach. GSR encompasses most of the sub-disciplines and sibling disciplines of sociology i.e. Basic & Applied Sociology, Anthropology, Social Change, Social Policy, Development, Social Psychology, Deviance and Crime, Population Studies, Social Wok and Gender Studies.


GSR adheres to all the scientific and ethical values of scientific community. The journal encourages and strives for objectivity and neutrality in the articles submitted for publication. We also believe in and apply the values of originality, diversity of opinion, contribution to knowledge, strength of argument, avoidance of fallacies, truth and honesty in the process of review and selection.

GSR Features

Global Sociological Review (GSR) was introduced by Humanity Only (HO) through the research project sponsored and guided by Humanity Research Council (HRC) — a sub-body of Humanity Development Council (HDS). GSR have following distinguished features.

  • Unique ID for each article (D.O.I)
  • Outlook Diversity
  • Crossmark Enables D.O.Is
  • Metadata Harvesting
  • Global Content Archiving
  • Indexed by highly reputed agencies
  • Secure online submission system

Extra Features

We are committed to publish research papers of very good quality so as to improve the impact of our publications on researchers.

All the articles submitted for review goes through a triple blind peer review system.

We have a very well versed and qualified team of professional editors to publish your researcg and guide you through out the process.

Publishing your article with GSR gives your research work a global acknowledgement.

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